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What length does the Francesca Trimmer leave your hair?

The trimmer comes with an adjustable guard that can be removed. The shorter length of the guard will leave you with 3mm of hair and the longer guard will leave you with 6mm of hair. Once the guard is removed, you will get an extremely close trim that

How do I use the Francesca Trimmer?

To use this trimmer, see the steps below. Step 1: Select a fixed comb length on your Francesca trimmer. Step 2: Add lubricant to your blade. Step 3: Trim your pubic hair. Step 4: Shower and exfoliate to soften hair and make it easier to shave. Step 5

Does the Francesca Trimmer come with a warranty?

Yes! The Francesca Trimmer comes with a 90 Day Warrant Period, subject to conditions. Please follow this link for more information:.

I misplaced the trimmer oil! Can I order more?

The trimmer accessories aren't available for purchase online, as they're just a little add on that comes with the trimmer. However, there are other options available to you!. Any of our Bushbalm oils will work, any blade lubricant of your choice, or