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Frequently Asked Questions

Why these ingredients?

Our choice in ingredients goes back to our belief that you should have access to naturally or naturally derived skincare options.

Are these ingredients safe?

We formulate our products to be safe for your most sensitive areas. Our products are gynecologist and dermatologist approved. Always spot-check for allergies and ask your physician if required.

What is Bushbalm?

Bushbalm is a skincare company that strives to be the #1 natural product line for your bikini line and underarms. The products are formulated to improve the look of ingrown hairs, soothe redness, relieve irritation and soften the appearance of dark s

Is Bushbalm cruelty free?

Yes, Bushbalm Skincare is cruelty-free and vegan.

Can I find Bushbalm in store?

Yes!. We have a variety of spas, salons, and retailers which carry Bushbalm products. You can check out the stockists near your area here: In case you cannot find what you wish to purchase, do not hesitate to

How do I open a wholesale account?

We have a great wholesale program - you can make a great profit with products that fly off the shelves (our lineup is for general bikini care, post waxing, ingrown hairs, dark spots, etc.) Please apply here to start the process.

I’m an influencer, how do I partner with Bushbalm?

We love getting to collaborate with new people! Send us a DM on our Instagram: